Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

Croatia is one of those places you have to watch for yourself in order to believe all of the excitement. Because of its position and its history, Croatia is one of the best places that haven’t been changed by years of heavy tourism so that it’s an excellent place to experience the actual Mediterranean.

The beast approach to achieve this is to charter a boat and go from north to south along the shore. You can get a charter in Croatia for sailing through

All in all, there are 1778km of coastline, so it’s safe to say there’s enough to fit in at least a week of sailing. And because some of the nation’s most important cities are on the water, cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Biograd, Pula or Zadar, you’ll have something to see and do on your trip. There’s a good deal of background on these shores, and these cities won’t disappoint.


If you would like to discover the true appeal of yacht charter Croatia, then steer your boat on along the shore in regions like Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic, the Kvarner Bay which is home to some of the most significant historic centers in the area which also happen to be attractive holiday resorts, beautiful islands such as Krk, Cres, Mali Losinj or the Dalmatia region which includes the hailed Kornati archipelago, a sailing paradise.

The reason why so many people come here to enjoy a round of sailing is since Croatia happens to be one of the best yacht charter locations in the Mediterranean, with perfect conditions that include calm waters, lots of sunshine (one of the sunniest places actually), predictable winds, plenty of anchoring points and quite beautiful landscape, most of which is wild. If you looking for your dream location in Croatia then you should visit –

The local infrastructure consists of 16000 berths on water and an extra 5500 of dry land. The marinas in Croatia are numerous and generally not older than 30 years, which means they provide up to date services and have a solid infrastructure, apart from being located in calm bays, protected from open waters.

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