Blinkers For Safety Of People While Driving On Road

Car lights increase visibility and help drivers communicate with each other. Brake lights signal slowing or stopping, back up lights notify other drivers that the vehicle is in reverse, and headlamps could be flashed to notify other motorists that their lights are off or that there’s a problem up ahead.

Blinkers are especially helpful for communicating management and allow other motorists to anticipate what a car is about to perform. When all of these lights operate correctly, traffic can move efficiently and safely. These vehicle indicators (which is also known as ตัวบ่งชี้ยานพาหนะ in the Thai language) help other people to know the next movement of the driver as well as helps the driver to move efficiently.


Normally drivers can let one another know when they intend to change lanes or make a turn up ahead. When a vehicle’s blinker isn’t working, however, the driver has no means of communicating their strategies to other drivers.

Always have your car inspected in time. State inspections are required once per year. Not only is it the law, but grabbing a burnt out bulb early on could save you from a costly injury.

Assess your blinker lights every few weeks. Before driving, check to be certain that your front and rear signal lamps are working correctly.

When a bulb is burned out, change it or take your vehicle to an auto service station immediately. Do not put it off.

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