Chiang Mai Guest Houses

No trip to Thailand is complete without seeing the town of Chiang Mai. And for accommodation, not only is staying in a guesthouse the epitome of the Chiang Mai experience, but it’s also quite affordable.

You’ll do better to compare prices and book your own guest house room online or by phone in advance or move search for a guest house all on your own once you arrive. One can opt for the self-planned Chiang Mai tour to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

chiang mai

If you wind up at Chiangmai at the airport or bus terminal out of Bangkok, lots of locals should develop and offer to attract one to a guest house. These individuals receive a share of every new customer that they attract into the guest house, and you usually wind up paying the purchase price if you choose them up in the offer to assist you.

In the event you get in town with bookings, you may be better off hitting a bar or restaurant initially and finding several regional ex-pats to talk together and obtain their tips.

Additionally, guest houses in Chiangmai usually are confidential, sometimes with shared showers and toilets though. Bathrooms had an air conditioning equipment are pricier compared to people who have only a fan, although perhaps not by far.

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