Could You Be Tired Because You Need More Iron?

There are so many reasons we can be tired.  Especially if you work full time, juggle a family and still try to have a social life.  Let’s not forget all the everyday chores like cleaning, food shopping and laundry.  Sometimes the list never seems to end.  However do you feel like your energy levels never get better?  Even after you have a well rested night, had your daily cup of coffee or proper nourish yourself with greens, fruits and healthy proteins.  If you are missing iron this could be a main cause of your constant fatigue.

Did you know iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in the world?  Approximately one in five women is deficient in iron between the ages of 15-45.  Iron deficiency is the next leading cause of women feeling fatigued next to menstruation and menopause (women need twice as much iron as men).  We are only consuming about one-third of the amount of iron we should be.  Other symptoms besides fatigue could also be body weakness, under eye dark circles, hair loss and brittle nails.  So why is iron important and how can we get more of it?

It’s important because iron helps your body make hemoglobin.  This is what allows the red blood cells to carry your oxygenated blood throughout the body.  If you are not getting enough iron, your body can’t produce hemoglobin and you can develop anemia and iron-deficiency.  Foods which are iron rich are leafy greens, eggs and meats.  However the amount of iron needed cannot always supplied by food, choosing a supplement (preferably liquid) can be the best way to ensure you are getting your recommended daily amount.

If you have questions about iron or iron deficiency I would recommend talking to a nutritionist like San Diego Chiropractors , Dr. Henry Wong.  Like many San Diego Chiroractor he understands that there are many attributes to wellness including nutrition.  Remember you should always talk to a profession before starting any new diet plans or taking supplements to find out what is the best for you personally.  


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