A Guide to Make Proper Roof Frames

Roof is the most important part of any construction. It requires a lot of attention and care as it is a complicated process. Here we will discuss some techniques which are useful when creating extra space by incorporating garages, shed or similar structures into an existing structure.

Designing Roof Framing Rafters: A common rafter in framing has a lot of components called the tail cut; birds mouth cut, plumb cut, wall stud, ridge board, ceiling joist and a lot more. Measuring for roof rafters must start with calculating the pitch, length of rafter, spacing between rafters and timber size. Be precise in length for a perfect roof frame (which is also known as “โครงหลังคา” in Thai language). 

Lumber Length for Roof Rafters: When choosing lumber length you will need to choose one keeping in mind the horizontal run of the rafter. Do not base it on duration or the span of the rafter. A roof calculator can be used to gauge the length of the rafter. If you have good budget then metal sheet roof (which is also known as “หลังคาแผ่นโลหะ” in Thai language)is also a good option which you can opt. 

Creating Birds Mouth:  A significant cut in the rafters called the birds mouth cut enables the rafters to rest on the exterior wall of the buildings. Unless the cut it at least 4 inches the rafter cannot achieve full bearing. This can be achieved by sliding the framing square across the rafter until you get the desired cut depth on the rafter you’ve marked out earlier.

When you’re installing the roof sheeting, make certain that there isn’t any sawdust on top of the roof sheeting, because this makes the plywood roof sheeting extremely slippery.

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