Microsoft CRM Customization – Processing In/Out-Going Email Messages

We might want to give you a few circumstances, when you may require custom advancement and programming to enhance Microsoft CRM usefulness. This outline is for software engineer, programming designer, IT authority, database executive. You must choose the right ms crm designer for your business.

Microsoft CRM, the CRM application from Microsoft Business Solutions uses all the late Microsoft advances: .Net (it is really composed in C#.Net with HTML and Javascript at the web customer side in addition to has Microsoft CRM SDK with C# and in part VB.Net tests), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000 and others.

Imagine that you have Account Best Corporation, with contact individual John Presently new individual in Best Corporation, Susan sends you message from – and her email won't be associated with your Best Corporation account, since this email doesn't have GUID and it additionally doesn't have coordinating email in the contact individual.

Now – your business rep started the main email to the customer from Microsoft CRM and got reaction, moved again into CRM account. At that point he infrequently answered on the answer from viewpoint – this answer, having GUID will be answered back and not moved into MS CRM, on the grounds that MS Exchange connector "considers" that this message was at that point answered by the main answer. 

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