Remy And Virgin Hair Extensions

“Remy” also spelled “Remi” signifies hair expansion where all of the cuticles are undamaged and not in any way stripped. To put it differently, all of the cuticles face the exact same direction -all of the hints on a single direction and all of the origins facing the other end.

If the extensions are processed just like that, they’re natural in appearance and significantly, they’re lustrous, soft, and shiny with a sleek touch. Additionally, by aligning the expansion in their normal place, it prevents overtraining, reduces shedding and leaves the extensions to persist for quite a while.

“Virgin” signifies hair that’s so pure that from the arrival of the donor into the mill where it’s processed, no perms, compounds, curling irons have touched on it.

That usually means that the donor hasn’t in their life been to a salon to receive their hair curled, permed or colored. You can click this link to buy the best quality hair extensions.

The extensions have been collected from mostly females that will donate them due to profound spiritual reasons and generally at a temple. Merchants then proceed the temple in which they bid to get the bundles of donated hair. The maximum bidder takes the hair extensions into his mill to be processed for export.

Indian Remy hair is the most typical of extensions and has been regarded by most as the very best. The feel of the hair and the color which ranges from dark brown to black readily matches the color and feel of the majority of cultural groups on the planet.

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