What is the Role of Expansion Joints in Pipelines?

Expansion joints are designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials; they absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. Expansion joints are also known as “movement joints”.

These movements contribute to a structure’s overall stability. They can protect against strong winds, from higher temperatures, and other physical occurrences that could affect the strength of a building and its durability. Visit Website to get familiar with Expansion Joints.

Types of Expansion Joints

There are various types of Expansion Joints for various types of pipe functions. Following are:

  • Simple or Single Expansion Joint: This expansion joint is not for the larger pipes. This model will absorb any of the movements in the section of pipe which it is installed. The single type may or may not be engineered with a shrink ring, depending on the pressure your pipes will have.

expansion joints

  • Universal Expansion Joint: The universal type expansion joint untied has two bellows, connected by an intermediate pipe, to hold through the angular rotations and in pipes that have bigger lateral movements the single type cannot hold. For purchase of any expansion joint Recommended Site.

A new version of the universal expansion joint is the universal joint-tied model because its tie-rod assembly is more durable and capable to prevent damage to pipes from the thrusting during operation.

  • Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint: The pressure balanced type joint is for very large pipe systems that operate on larger amounts of pressure flowing through the piping. These pipes will need anchors to be installed to prevent the metallic expansion joints to be thrust beyond their capacity.
  • Hinged Expansion Joint: The hinged type joint works, like a hold of a hinge, with two hinge plates and a couple pins. This metallic expansion must be installed in sets of two or three joints in order to function as intended.
  • Gimbal Expansion Joint: A gimbal type expansion is for pipelines that make varied movements, needs to be installed in twos and threes to adequately withstand the constant thrusting and moving of the pipes.

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