Technique Of Sticker Printing As Per Customer’s Requirement

Sticker printing has functions that go across just about all fields which you can consider – consumer brands, corporate imaging, political campaigns, travel souvenirs and many others. To meet these diverse requirements, professional printers nowadays offer a variety of choices for materials and procedures.

The widely used techniques are screen printing, digital printing, offset lithography and flexography. Purchase your own designs stickers by just giving your designs to us and get your own designed stickers at

sticker printing

If you are going to get stickers made, here are descriptions of these techniques, so you would know what would be the most appropriate for the stickers you want.

Screen printing uses a silk or artificial film through which ink is transferred onto a surface in which the stenciled image or artwork is placed. If the item requires more than 1 color, the whole process is repeated.

Screen printing process is done as many times as a number of colors. This is the initial process used for sticker printing and remains employed by many companies today.

Should you need a relatively small quantity of stickers to be produced but in a very limited time period, such as in a couple of hours or so, you might want to go for digital printing. The massive advantage of this process is that you may make as many adjustments as you desire.

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