Which UPS System Technology Do I Require?

There a variety of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System) technologies readily available, all which have different advantages and disadvantages.

All UPS Systems include a rectifier that converts your typical mains AC power into DC power, an inverter that converts DC electricity into AC electricity, and an energy storage medium that is generally lead-acid batteries.

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There are 3 primary UPS technology – Offline, Line Interactive, and Online Double Conversion – and two distinct sorts of the inverter – square wave and sine-wave.

An Offline UPS provides essential levels of power security. There’s generally a level of surge suppression incorporated and once the input voltage goes from tolerance that the UPS inverter starts upward and supplies power to your gear. The inverter in offline UPS is almost always a square wave.

A line interactive UPS is comparable to an offline UPS but has the extra advantage of voltage regulation. This usually means it will lessen the mains voltage if it goes too large or increases the mains voltage when it goes too low.

The internet double conversion UPS System is considered by most to offer the greatest levels of power security. The inverter is constantly on and supplies electricity to the load. An online double conversion UPS also includes a bypass circuit, allowing electricity to be fed into your load if the UPS develops an error or has been overloaded.

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