Various parts of Air Compressors

Air compressors are made and based on both mechanics a positive-displacement mechanism.Positive-displacement mechanism drives air into a room where the amount of the atmosphere is reduced to induce its own compression.

All these Spare parts air compressors have uni-directional valves which draw in the atmosphere within this room, where the atmosphere becomes compacted to pass the air.

By the two fitting helical screws which pull and turn in the atmosphere within this air room. The atmosphere ergo taken in has reduced up in volume on the spinning of the helical screws.

It can be real as when two screws with threads moving in conflicting directions, which can be closely arranged against each other.  This causes air to be pumped in, much as the propeller of a jet engine of an aircraft.

Several services and products in line with this mechanism comprise common garden tools such as being a leaf blower and on occasion maybe the blowing off mechanism of one’s household vacuum cleaner.

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