Is a Yellow Fever Vaccine Safe?

Obtaining a ‘live virus vaccine’ sounds frightening. Who would not think twice about getting a journey vaccination that comprised a live virus?

Relax, scientists and the pharmaceutical companies are aware of what they’re doing. In reality, a landmark experiment in vaccination from the 18th century also used a live virus. You can also visit to know more about yellow fever vaccination in Sydney.

Yellow Fever

Edward Jenner found in England that milkmaids who had developed the illness cowpox didn’t develop the serious illness of smallpox. In a daring experiment in 1796, he inoculated a young boy using cowpox fluid, then exposed the child to smallpox a few weeks afterward. The boy stayed nicely. This kind of experiment wouldn’t be permitted now, but Jenner’s pioneering work has benefited mankind to the day. Trivia fans ought to be aware that the expression vaccine comes from the Latin term vaca, for bunny.

Yellow fever vaccine, a safe and powerful live virus vaccine, is spread to millions of people now. This doesn’t make healthy people sick since the virus has been changed so that it can’t induce disease. Side effects are infrequent.

Xcellerex, a vaccine development company has only announced exciting study they are analyzing a fresh yellow fever vaccine that doesn’t consist of live virus. If effective, this will allow yellow fever vaccination to travelers who can’t obtain the conventional live vaccine. Traveling doctors won’t give live virus vaccines to pregnant women, patients with impaired immune systems from disease or drugs or to people who have a severe egg allergy.

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