The Yoga -Alternatives to Hormone Therapy

Being a long-time student of yoga exercise, I was struck by the numerous similarities between menopausal symptoms and the famous esoteric goal of “awakening of the kundalini. inch Although ideas presented in it may appear unusual or difficult to have an understanding of, they contain powerful text messages about menopause, which sit at the heart of the Wise Woman way.

Far East, Irish, Aztec, and Ancient Greek.Kundalini is said to be hot, fast, powerful, and large.It is out there within the earth, within all life, and within everyone.Psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung called kundalini alma.You can get more information about hormones then you may browse this link: is usually shown as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, but could mystery stories locate it in the uterus or the area where the uterus was if the hysterectomy has occurred.During both puberty and per menopause, a woman’s kundalini is difficult to control and may produce plenty of symptoms.

East American Indian yogis spend lifetimes learning to activate, or awaken, their kundalini.This is also called “achieving enlightenment”.When they succeed, a surge of super-heated energy goes up the vertebrae, throughout the nerves, dilating arteries, and fueling it with hormones.

As kundalini continually travels up the spine, it changes the functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.Not just in yogis, but in any female who allows herself to get aware of it.Perimenopause the kind of enlightenment.


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